Guest Fest, al-Barran
Meet People and Learn Things

Duchess Leah Kasmira, on making net
May 10, 2007

Duchess Leah Kasmira's handout, a four-page PDF file, and
comments on the handout, with links to several other useful pages.

Aunt Ellen's How-To Book on Needlework (excerpt on netting)

History and basics from The Netting Book

Netting requires a netting hook, or netting shuttle, or net needle (various names for a tool like this):

and a stick as wide as the shuttle (we used large crafts sticks, tongue-depressor size). People worked on a pillow (or cornbag) and used also a safety pin and a loop of string.

Some of Duchess Leah's finished pieces and samples (click for larger images):

The darker blue hairnet has a string made by naalbinding. The purplish one has a braided string.

Attendees: Jayne, Lyneya, Viviana, Camilla, Beatrice, AnneAliz, Asta, Bardolf and AElflaed

These images were provided by Duchess Leah Kasmira after the workshop. They were labelled Kim's hairnet and Marged's hairnet.


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