Dice Games for Unschoolers

This page will be polished and filled in as time goes on, but for starters, check out Pam Sorooshian's dice-play ideas! Pam Sorooshian on Dice Games

Oflameron, a dice game involving a chart. Rules and printable charts (both color and black&white) are available at that site, which is Russian. It's not traditional, but was created by Valery V. Shmeleff of Moscow.

A pair of dice games or, two pair-of-dice games. Chicago and Pig; each game takes just two dice, pencil and paper.

Ship, Captain and Crew, a traditional dice game Joe Calko learned in a bar. I liked this part, especially: "A 2 is the lowest score and is called a 'minimum' while 12 is the highest score and is called a 'midnight'; I don't know why."

Bunko, described as being popular in churches! Hmmm....

Ten Thousand, or Dix Mille (same thing), Five Thousand, Farkle, Keepers, and (MY favorite variant) Cosmic Wimpout . Some were commercial games. There's discussion and some directions there. It takes six dice.

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