Crazier Board Games

There are some "board games" that invite noise and group activity. One of Holly Dodd's favorites is Encore, which was out of print for years but is coming back in in a new version. But be on the lookout for this game in thrift stores or at yard sales. "Encore." And don't worry if the board or dice or markers are gone, or if some of the cards are gone. You can play it with just a few of the cards if you want to. Encore involves singing snatches of songs, and so it's quite a different kind of mental workout!

More information on Encore and other games involving music HERE.

This is one of many trivia games, though it's one of the most unique. Trivial Pursuit is classic among those, and there are trivia games on particular TV shows, on movie, geography, history, etc.

Out of print games can often be found on e-bay if you're not inclined to haunt the thrift stores or you live rurally.

I've set up something like Encore on Facebook here: Lyrics Game, Goofin' with Songs

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