Chess Probably more has been written about chess than any other single game, so you can easily find other resources if this isn't enough. Here's a link to a Printable Chessboard, just in case you don't have one handy. The gaming site Secret Doors provides this one!

A beautiful site with MUCH chess art, trivia, interaction, cartoons and a list of movies involving chess is Chess Graphics. The medieval art is from their collection.

2024 note:

This is one of my older pages, and many of the links have disappeared. On the other hand, pages and images are much easier to find now than they were in 2002 and thereabout, so some of these links are newer, some are archives, and a few I simply deleted. —Sandra

Animated Chess Tutorial in Tableau (from 2020)

Miniature initiale d'un manuscrit des Echecs amoureux. (Vers 1500 )

Chess Art: dozens of paintings from 1283 to 2001. Click on any painting for a larger image, and then you can see others by clicking "Précédent" (previous) or "Suivant" (next). Some will come up even if the thumbnail seems gone; most seemed to be working fine in 2024.

Why chess?

Prince Edward Island's chess association's site is gone, but here is their "why chess?" list:
Chess promotes many skills and values that are important for our children. For example chess: Chess teaches a variety of skills: Chess builds character and teaches good citizenship

Internet Chess Resources, list provided by Camberley Chess Club

Improving Your Chess - Resources for Beginners and Beyond, at There are many links.

Interesting happenings: The 10 Most Important Moments In Chess

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