Christian Feedback
April 2005
Hi Sandra,

You don't really know me, but I felt compelled to write a little something after reading some of the threads at lately. [And if it makes any difference, I'm one of the people who originally said, "I'm not going to that site anymore; people are so so rude!" But then something drew me back.]

It must be very frustrating for you to read those kinds of posts when you have spent so much time and energy sharing your experiences and thoughts because you truly care about others. I love that you tell stories about and post pictures of your family. I hope to meet then one day at a conference or something.

There is something else I've been wanting to tell you for a few weeks, and I think this would be a good time: I am on a list for Christian Unschoolers, and we were discussing you recently. Several people said your writings inspired them; a couple said they had met you and your family and you were very gracious and friendly, etc.

Anyway, several of us agreed that we see you as doing God's work and truly being used as an instrument of the Lord. I know you do not believe in God, but hopefully you can still see that as the high praise we mean it to be.

Take care and keep sharing,
Jennifer B...
"Jenny" ...

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