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Opal Dreaming wrote:
Dh and I have been watching a fascinating series called 'The Adventure Of English'.

"...the biography of English as if it were a living being, covering the history of the language from its modest beginnings around 500 AD as a minor guttural Germanic dialect to its rise as a truly established global language."

Beowulf is mentioned in it because it helped them to pinpoint which words came into the English language and when [at least I think thats why]. Anyway, I thought you'd enjoy the series, Sandra, and wanted to point it out to you in case you haven't found it yet .



Old English

from an SCA research list:

This is really cool! An almost nine-minute flash presentation of Old English—reading and pronunciation using the manuscript Laud 636 (the E version of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle): produced by professor Edwin Duncan.

Well worth watching.


Middle English
which Chaucer used in the 14th century

Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog
That's a fun way to begin to learn Middle English, because they're joking about popular culture (and medieval too).

The Paston Letters, at the site of the University of Virginia. 15th century letters of a family in Norfolk. much info

Modern English
"Modern" meaning the past 500 years

Bringing Shakespeare Home

Strewing Shakespeare

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