Easy Food Art

Joyce Fetteroll send me this image one day, and its link at boingboing:

I looked at it until I knew what it was and became quite happily agitated.

I followed the link to the boing boing article (sadly gone, in later years) and read comments, which led me to hot dog octopi, and Joyce gave me another boost with MORE photos!

How to make an octodog (hot dog octopus)

Patti Dengler sent this note and photo:

"Thank you to the hotdog spaghetti person for the great idea! This is my daughter Brenda and her two friends Rasta Tom and Sally."

The mysterious things I made at my house

Here's what I did moments after I saw Joyce's e-mail:

Start boiling water. Break spaghetti in half. Cut hot dogs into sections. Insert spaghetti into hot dogs until you have them all ready.

Set your pile of spaghetti-laden hot-dog sections into the boiling water until the spaghetti is done, and drain it.

Karen Hsu's (click to see more):

Shannon Burton's first batch:

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