Horned Helm photos, Gunwaldt, 1970's

inside, Loch Salann Gunwaldt & Heinrich, first Dwarven Gunwaldt & Heinrich, color fading Gunwaldt, Warlord

Click thumbnails to enlarge. The first is at an event in Loch Salann (then Am Mor Salann Fasach), the next two are at the first Dwarven Invitational, 1978, at Santa Clara Canyon in the east side of the Jemez, and the last one is at an Outlands Warlord Tournament around that time.

The middle two are Gunwaldt and Heinrich in matching helms that Irminsul had commissioned for them. They were "Herr (hair) Professors" teaching Dwarven Math (base seven, on their fingers, with seven being "a dwarf brace."

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