Cordon Royal


Cordons Royal, Artan VI, 2007

Wimble list of recipients

Below was written by me in 1987. The fourth paragraph is my draft for a text I was doing for Lavan. I have a photocopy of the scroll somewhere (sections, that will have to be put back together somehow) and will put that with this someday. I did use the poem as a border.

The Cordon Royal was chartered in the second Outlands reign, by Johann, who named Bertrand the premier. The first scroll text used was
Johann, King..., to all and singular sends greetings and due commendations. Whereas Bertrand . . . has given me the courtesy of his special service during my reign I am minded to make him the premier of the Cordon Royal, that all may know of the value in which I hold him. By my hand. . .
Mistress Monika adapted it from a Queen's Grace text.

Know all subjects of this Our realm that We, Artan, King of the Outlands, being well pleased with the special service of Sir Lavan Longwalker do now create him a bearer of the Cordon Royal, that his selfless acts and quiet efforts may be rewarded now and remembered in days to come.

[do in the border, maybe, or on ribbons in the illustration:]

Good Lavan, never seeking praise, by courteous works, in many ways
Beyond the service of a knight, did make the kingly burdens light.

Under that I had tic-marks to see how many letters and spaces were in the four line poem. 32, 31, 32, 32, so I was writing for the sake of fitting it into a pattern (or seeing if I could do that).

I hope to put a scan of the scroll (I have it photocopied in three sections, somewhere here).

Ælflæd of Duckford