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Donovan was full of crap, but some of it was the irridescent velvet childlike crap of the dreams of starfish. Yeah. Too much painter-takes-acid-too-seriously, but still... I really like a lot of his stuff. I'm embarrassed to like some of it, and other stuff I wish I had listened to weekly for my whole life.

So Holly, at 16, is very interested in Donovan, and as I've pulled out all my albums including my prized bootleg, I hear it through the ears of the mother of a young girl, and the gentleman was a pervert. But I'll let that slide too.

I saw Donovan at Johnson Gym at UNM in 1969 and when I find my ticket stub and flyer, I'll bring then here. The flyer is below; click it for more.

I saw him again at a coffeehouse in Santa Fe in the early 80's and took notes so I could tell my friend Steve everything he sang. I don't remember now why Steve didn't go too. I think I was with Jodi, but when I find the notes (someday, and bring them here) I'll know.

I remember when I was sixteen, learning the guitar part to "Lullaby of Spring," and really liking the words. "Chiff-chaff eggs are painted by mother bird eating cherries..."

Other people's Donovan stuff:

The Donovan Scrapbook, compiled and maintained by John McIver (transcripts of articles and reviews from the 60's):

Part I, 1965-March 1967

Part II April 1967-December 1968

Part III January 1969 - 1984(?)

Part IV August 1984 - December 1998

Later additions, also John McIver's project (click the image):

More Recent:

The View From The Beat Café DONOVAN interviewed by Andrew Darlington undated; crazy Brits and their lack of dating publications... but Donovan says he's 59.

(From that site: "DL: Fifty-nine. Yeah - somebody got it wrong and wrote that I was 60 this year - so I grew a year in just two days! I got a year older in two days! [In fact, to set the record straight, he was born Donovan Phillips Leitch, 10th May 1946]")