Digital-age thinking in younger people

I'll try to put the newer ones first. Some go back to early Nintendo days.

Sandra Dodd, when Kirby was five and Marty was just nearly three (two days before Marty's birthday):

January 12, 1992

On the same day two related things happened: In the morning Marty and Kirby were playing with Lego, and had a make-believe game going, and Marty (needing to go to the toilet or something) said, "Pause it—pause it." Kirby said, "There’s not a pause."

That evening Kirby was talking about Jeff and Jennifer (who were living in California, where we had visited the) and asking when they were coming to our house. I said May, and then in September when they get married. He said, “They’re not married yet?”


"But how come they kiss. They were kissing at the beach."

So I talked to him about kissing and he said, "But they live together," so I talked to him about living together, and that when people just live together they can change their minds anytime, but if they’re married they can’t. I told him Keith and I lived together before they got married. He asked what would have happened if I didn’t want to live with him anymore, and I said you mean a long time ago or when we were married? and he said a long time ago. I said I would say "I’m sorry Keith, but this isn’t fun and I don’t want to live with you anymore."

Kirby said (with concern), "You would reset marry Daddy?"

Hema, quoting Zoya:
"Kill me quickly Raghu, I want to go to the bathroom."

Level up!

This happened in 2012, at an Always Learning Live symposium, in Albuquerque.
Once Heather Booth joked to me, at a symposium, that she was there to "level up," in unschooling. 🙂

Renee Cabatic was there, too, and I remember smiles and a realization that it was a legitimate plan and goal.

People do it, all the time. I guess she wasn't joking.


July 2022, West Yorkshire:

Learning Clarity