Learning math and overnight "typical day"

Jayn called me in to look at the bathroom mirror. "There's a message for you". I expect to see the usual "I (heart) U" written in soap.

Instead I saw "4 + 4 - 2 = 6".

The math is correct, and Jayn has been verbalizing this kind of equation for a while.

However I didn't know she knew the notation. Some where living life she has learnt this.

We are on our nights. The whole family was out and about in the early evening. We came home and Jayn played with our neighbor for a while. I'm about to make us what will amount to our supper, or bedtime snack. We spent the night watching the Disney movie we've been waiting for, some recorded Family Guy, programs about the history of food in America on the History Channel, part of an interview with Alfred Hitchcock, playing Spore on the computer, a little bit of Barbie play, and working on our recycled materials sculpture of a space ship. In between I worked on my book, although I'm pretty tired and don't have much brain energy. Right now we are watching Wild West Tech on the History Channel, while Jayn draws and hops on and off the stationary bike.

Robyn L. Coburn

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