Early spring day

By Lori on Wednesday, March 17, 2004 - 01:07 am:

We had a friend sleep over last night, and it was cool because in the middle of the night my 8yo daughter came and climbed in bed with us. I was so happy to wake up and feel her next to me this morning, and we all ended up sleeping until about 7:30. Louise got up and went into her room and hung out with her pal, and I went downstairs and made some pancakes.

The kids all ate and then ran off upstairs to play some more. We had to leave the house around 10 to get to our girl scout meeting (we have a troop made up of all unschoolers). Today's meeting was sort of a conglomeration of a bunch of stuff we needed to do to finish a bunch of badges. We did some tongue twisters, and secret codes, and the girls all worked together to be differant kinds of machines. The secret code thing got a little wierd because only one of the girls in the troop is a reader, so it started feeling a little heavy. We ate some lunch then the girls went off to start making up a dance to perform at our moving up ceremony in May.

My co leader had some old Spiderman and Iron Man comics laying around that her brother had given her and my 4yo son saw them and was totally psyched, and immediatly began telling her all about the origins of the superheroes, and I knew she was going to say this, but after he went downstairs, she said "I've never heard him say so much before!" and it was cool, because he is like this little secret that we have, he's so verbal and smart and awesome, and says such intense stuff here at home, but when he's around other people he doesn't talk too much. So he's coming out of his shell a bit, and it's all because of his passion for comics and superheroes.

Then we came home, and read some of the comics, and the kids watched "Castle in the Sky" while I sorted out the playroom and did some stuff to get ready for our party on Sat. Dh came home started dinner and took the baby so I could go vote.

After dinner, dd and I went off to the drug store to look for temporary hair dye.. she wants some purple hair, and to the Toysrus for a new cartridge for my ds's leapster/gameboy for little people thing that he got for xmas.

We came back with the game (unfortunately the games are somewhat pathetic and educational... not what I was hoping for, but he was excited) and he went off to play that while Dh, dd and I talked about volcanoes, totalitarian regimes, advertising, and food.

I like it when at the end of the day, I feel like everyone had a good day.


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