"More Running than Life"

Dustin our 11 yr. old taught himself how to skim board. He wanted to surf but the water is still a bit cold here. We attended a HS meeting, the kids played and had a blast. Dustin went to see X2 the X Men Movie last night with his dad. He wanted to tell me all about the movie last night but they got back at 12:30 and Dad said to tell me in the am. So I'm in bed this morning and I roll over and there he is. "Mom do you want to hear about the movie now?" lol too funny

Today we went to the dump. We have a very small dump it is more like three trailer sized dumpsters. There is a freebie barn at our dump where you can get or drop off books, desks, bikes, toys etc. Our little one Cassidy likes to find treasures, she has a good eye for cool toys.

After that we picked up two ride toys at a yard sale dropped them off at home, took out our Brittany pup one more time, then off to Best Buy to look for another VCR for Cassidy.

Dustin went ahead to Best Buy to play video games and Cassidy, Nicholas and I went to Old Navy. My little girl is three and is such a sweetie, sometimes I have to look twice at her to make sure she is still 3. She handed me a bathing suit today and she says Mom I'll take this one it will look "weally" good on me. She loves to shop!

Then to Best Buy to meet Dustin and search for a VCR with auto repeat.

We came home the kids played with their new found ride toys, Jumped on the trampoline and collected rocks (Cassidy collected and the puppy chewed). Later Dustin and I went to Stroudwater Books. They are closing so we searched the entire store for a good deal. Spent a good hour and a half there. He choose a book on Navy Seals and 1001 commonly used Spanish words. He wants to learn Spanish but really wanted audio tapes he is convinced if he plays them when he sleeps he will learn it.

We then went to Goodwill, where we stumbled on a VCR for Cassidy, a CD tower for Dustin and a VCR tape drawer. I love this store they always have something I am looking for.

Our last stop was to the grocery store. Dustin loves to tell people he is Homeschooled (He says HS but explains Unschooling, people here only know one term) so tonight he is at the register and somehow finds a way to slide it in there. I think tonight he said something about no bed time. Lol That got the clerks attention. (I did add to the conversation that he has no bed time but is asleep usually before 11 and up at 7-8. ) Well to make a long story short he answered all her questions with pride and as we walked away we could hear her talking to the next customers in line. I didn't catch all of it but I could hear her saying how great a kid he was and how cool it all sounded. I didn't think he heard her but when we got out side he said Mom did you hear her! I said yeah I did. So he made sure he brought his cart back in the farthest door so she saw him returning the cart. That made his night.

On the way home we herd the about the Man in the Mountain breaking away in NH and discussed some of the history behind it all. The rock face is no more a great piece of NH. I would imagine people will still visit but if they never saw it in person sad to say they never will....

Today was more running than life I think.

Laura D

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