Kelli's Typical Day

I get up and work at the computer. Kids get up at different times, some make own breakfast, some I help.

Kids watch a bit of TV, play with animals, play with toys/books.

If we have to go into town, like today, I let them know, so they can get ready. My son will probably stay home and play his gameboy, daughters go with to look at plants and get dirt for planting. I love gardening and so do the kids.

Come home and start working outside on yard, planting, cleaning up a bit. Stop, because Kyra, 5 dd, wants me to jump on trampoline with her. Do that for a while. Play for a while. Other two kids join us, then I get too tired to move, so I go and plant more.

I start getting hungry, ask if anyone is hungry, some are, some aren't. Some of us eat. Go back outside to work. Kyra is scootering, Abbi is inside drawing flowers, Alec is working at the computer looking up Pokemon characters and helps for his games. Alec makes his own lunch, he likes to.

Later, a friend might come over to play, we might go for a bike ride, I might do my yoga, they for sure watch their Toonami shows. I sometimes watch with them, sometimes not.

This evening we have some friends coming over who are going to help get a piano into our basement. We've had one in our garage for a year and we finally get to bring it in!! We are all excited about that! So, sometime today we have to get a space ready for that, I have to move two full book cases, ugh! Then, I bet we'll play the piano.

A glimpse into one of our days.

Kelli in MN, and so excited that it's trying to be spring here!

Other typical unschooling days

border flower from Magnar's Arctic Alpines and Perennials