I can't take the watermarks off the photos, because it's Amanda's album and not mine. Sorry! Please peek around those.

Amanda's Day in Photos

I love writing typical days in pictures. Yesterday, was a typical day for warmer weather.

The girls went outside (without coats) at 10 am to jump on the trampoline, which was covered with snow.

They decided to pose for this one.

Then great-grandma showed up around 1:00. This is an especially great treat right now because her dad is sick and she has been caring for him. She used to come up once per week until Christmas when her dad got sick. Needless to say, all other plans were canceled until we had to leave to pick up dad at work at 3:00.

After daddy showered, changed and got a quick snack we headed to the park where the girls rode their bikes and played on the equipment. Then, we headed to the downtown library just because the girls wanted to, even though we had been to our usual library on the other side of town the day before.

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