Portfolio notes and ideas

Brie Jontry's portfolio for her daughter in April 2013 (a Pennsylvania option then; maybe still):

(archived copy)
The blog is gone, but The Wayback Machine kept that page.

Brie posted on Always Learning, January 2011:
Pauline Harding has an amazing collection of sample portfolios, some by unschooling families, and lots of other helpful advice for end of year assessment stuff on her website:
Homeschool Portfolios

Note that is is state-specific for Pennsylvania, but you may find it useful nonetheless.

The pages Brie had linked were gone, but the link above is to a newer "Ask Pauline" website, with even more info on portfolios.

In French, 2013, Quebec:
Lafamille Laferrière-Meloche wrote:
Je viens de publier le portfolio de mon fils de 11 ans que j'ai fait pour la dernière année. Certaines infos sont basées sur le programme de l'école québécoise mais ça peut donner un exemple de ce qu'on peut présenter.

I just published my 11 year old son *portfolio* that I have done for the past year (in french). Some information is based on the program of the Quebec school, but it is an example of what we may present to school authorities if needed.

PDF of the 19 page (many nice photos) portfolio:
Portfolio Thomas 2012-2013

Unschooling Curriculum
(samples families have used, and links to articles about "educationese" and eduspeak)