The Reign of Artan VI and Aziza of the Outlands

CONTACTS: Steward: Mistress AElflaed of Duckford           Chamberlain: Master J. Balthazar Tegero          Blue Iris Herald: Don Charles Blackstone

Opportunities to Serve the Crown       article for the December 2006 Outlandish Herald


Protocol and Courtesy

Food suggestions


Peers Circles and other scheduled meetings

The Royal Household was not finalized at the print deadline, and will be listed entire in the next issue. In lieu of this, information on the organization of the household of Artan VI and Aziza and on Their Majesties' wishes for the reign are provided.

It is the will of the King that the atmosphere of the reign be formal. Her Majesty will be attended by at least one guardsman and a lady. The royal presence should be respected particularly. Those wishing an audience with either or both of Their Majesties should apply to the Blue Iris Herald, Don Charles Blackstone, or to the Lord Chamberlain, Master Balthazar (or to an off-duty guardsman or lady). Autocrats wishing details on arrivals and schedules should contact the Lord Chamberlain, whose information is listed below that of Their Majesties in this issue.

The retinue is overseen by the Steward of the Household, Countess AElflaed of Duckford. Onsite coordination is the task of the Lord Chamberlain, Master J. Balthazar Tegero. Lord Tancred dAvignon is Captain of the Queen's Guard, and Mistress Anne Bigod is chief lady-in-waiting.

Two important needs during the reign involve cooking and sewing, both in small size and quantity, and so artists in either field might consider a contribution, as follows:

As the King and Queen are often presiding over meetings or tournaments while others can eat, nice finger-foods are often needed. Ideally, these should not be messy nor need to be eaten hot or sauced. Something that can sit for an hour or two safely and attactively would be good. Their Majesties' food preferences, allergies and ideas and recipes provided by Mistress Katherine Holford are here: /crown/food

Her Majesty requests small pouches of fine material for a few projects and purposes. Anyone interested in contributing such a pouch, or a set, can find more details at /crown/pouches
Her Majesty is pleased to thank those who contributed pouches, and she has sufficient. (note added in January)

Something every subject can contribute is to participate in His Majesty's wish for an peaceful, formal atmosphere evocative of the period, either any SCA period or of 15th Century England. Links to some information that might help are here: /crown/courtesy

Respectfully submitted to the people of the Outlands,
in service to their most Royal Majesties,

AElflaed of Duckford, Steward