Artan VI and Aziza
Scheduled Peers' Circles and other meetings

December 2, Windkeep Winter Festival of Lights

1:00 Laurels
2:00 Knights
3:00 Pelicans
December 9, Caer Galen Midwinter
12:30 Laurels
1:30 Pelicans
December 16, al-Barran Midwinter
9:30 Pelicans
10:30 Laurels
11:30 Chivalry
January 6, Caerthen Twelfthnight
12:00 Pelicans
2:00 Laurels
3:00 Knights
January 13-14, Citadel Twelfthnight
1:30 PM Laurel Circle
2:30 PM Pelican Circle

09:30 AM Chivalry Circle

January 20, Fontaine dans Sable baronial investiture and Twelfthnight feast
8:30-10:30 a.m.
first Knights,
then Pelicans ( immediately following chivalry circle)
then Laurels (following pelicans, but not before 9:30)

There might not be very many peers there, and the schedule doesn't accommodate hour-long circles, so they will proceed one after the other as noted.

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