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Sandra Dodd:

Fundamentalist Christianity is based on besiegement by imminent danger. Satan is everywhere, trying to trick, fool and tempt you and your children in the guise of cartoon ducks and secular mothering groups and magazines that are insufficiently Godly. EVERYTHING is an immortal-soul LANDmind, get in the house, close the windows.
Deb (prism7513):
I can SO agree with this! Having come from such a background and then moving into the attachment parenting and eventually unschooling philosophy, I had a huge struggle with my faith. The book Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell and the book Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller helped me alot in this area and presented some very unschool thoughts in both. I think some Christians are finally realizing that they've been stuck in a time warp and witch hunt...
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Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage. ~Anais Nin

Although she uses the word "courage," it's what is discussed on this list sometimes about making life bigger, more sparkly, about living in the world, about creating a good nest.

I think of it as confidence. They're similar. Confidence grows from the inside, though, while courage can be reckless.

—Sandra (more at Building an Unschooling Nest)

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Courage, real or imagined, can make a person bigger—larger of soul and of confidence. "Big hearted," it once meant.

When a parent has the heart, and soul, and confidence to stand heroically between a child and fear, that takes courage. Defending a child from criticism and negativity (even from our own) makes us bigger.

(The words above are Sandra Dodd's, new today, but the link is to "Becoming Courageous," by Deb Lewis.)
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