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Cathy Koetsier, the site owner, wrote:
My hope with the website/discussion list is that it help interested homeschooling Christians to gain deeper insight into the difference between the (very few) ‘have tos’ and the many societal and cultural and religious expectations that pose as ‘have tos’. I am always saddened by the idea so prevalent amongst Christians that education equals force and control in the name of ‘character building’.

The longer we live unschooling, the more I realise that the similarities between secular and Christian expressions of unschooling are much greater than the differences. However, the differences are important, and can cause a lot of confusion. Enough to stop people exploring the possibility of taking hold of the freedom that is theirs. This always seems a terribly sad thing. Gal 5:1 comes to mind.

So I have tried, am trying to create a context in which people can explore these important differences, and discover that yes, they can unschool their children and still live as Christians, ie that there is no compromising required.

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