Unschooling and Books: Oddments and Surprises

Triviality: Textbooks For Unschoolers

"So you don't use books?"

"Like fingernails on a chalkboard (something my children might never experience) that question breaks into a calm day from time to time. By books many people mean school-style text books designed for one subject area, one school year, one level. They mean school books. . . ."

Books and Saxophones

Many schoolkids use books as escapism. What happens when an unschooling life is so peaceful that no escape is needed?

Books to Help Unschooling Parents

Joyce Fetteroll's annotated list with links
current about four years ago; newer books are linked at the bottom of this page.

Early thoughts on that
tree of knowledge motif

Book worship

Consider this piece of art, which is used to be the logo on my main Radical Unschooling page.

More and more, I'm thinking our culture puts too much glory on books. The "book worship" page has to do with that prejudice, and I've saved a discussion about what besides people and books can bring about change (after someone made a spurious remark about books).

Sandra Dodd's booklist for 8/18/01 talk on Questioning (at the bottom of that page)

What you can do with your dictionary and encyclopedia... A radical thought.
Never tell a child "Go look it up." Parents, teachers, friends and countrymen, how would you like it?

This is the book that doesn't end
Yes it goes on and on my friend...

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Unschooling Books to Buy

Sandra Dodd's Big Book of Unschooling

Moving a Puddle
and other essays
by Sandra Dodd

English Language Reading

Medieval Books