Big Noisy Peace

Sandra Dodd
September 7, 2006
Hotel Albuquerque, on Rio Grande Boulevard near Old Town

How can peace help learning? Is peace always a subset of "peace and quiet"? Is quiet always peaceful? What is the value of a peaceful environment to unschooling and how can parents help to create and maintain that? What kind of peace are we after and how can we get some?

That was the description given in the directory of the Live and Learn Conference, September 2006, Albuquerque, New Mexico. The talk was given by Sandra Dodd on Thursday, September 7, 2006, and is made freely available by permission of Kelly Lovejoy the conference coordinator and Sandra Dodd, the author, who welcomes people to listen, but wants credit for the words if quoted.

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You can listen or download this free: 2006-Thu-LiveAndLearn-SandraDodd-BigNoisyPeace.mp3

or here (depending on your browser and that):

The other recording I mention early on is also free to hear on my website here: Peaceful Parenting

This quote is from the Big Noisy Peace presentation:

A good mom

Nothing has ever made me feel better about me than the feeling that I was being a good mom.

photo by Sandra Dodd

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