Artan macAilin

Awards and blazon of device and augmentation on Wimble Herald's site.

Duke Artan

Victor (lower left), Artan, Blaise and Gunwaldt

Company of St. Martin (Artan is third from the right, in back)

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The Origins of Argonia

Reigns following Gunwaldt and Johann...

King Artan I and Queen Tara
May 30, 1987 - November 7, 1987
a photo by Mirhaxa of Artan I

then after Hagen and Christopher
King Artan II and Queen Tara
November 5, 1988 - May 6, 1989
         until a clearer reign-two photo is found, there's one here
        and on the left holding the banner is Lord William de Vallier, who was Artan's squire
...Johann and Leif...
King Artan III and Queen Aziza
May 3, 1990 - November 4, 1990
...Johann III, Irel, Olaf, Cyrredd, some repeats...(details with dates)
King Artan IV and Queen Aziza
May 7, 1994 - November 5, 1994

click for larger image
...Vagn, Hrothgar I...
King Artan V and Queen Aziza
November 11, 1995 - May 11, 1996
Policies for Attendants of Artan V and Aziza

many years passed...

Artan VI and Aziza
November 11, 2006 - May 12, 2007

the photo appeared on the Outlands webpage during that reign, and was taken by Countess Matilda

Policies for Attendants in the Reign of Artan VI and Aziza
Directives for attendants and royal household
September 2006

photo taken by Sir Zachariah de Kane at March Crown 2007

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