velvet jiang

>>>>As for being assessed by a certified school teacher and
>handing in portfolios, who knows? I wouldn't even know where to begin
>finding a
>teacher willing to "assess" an unschooled child and find anything

when we lived in ohio we belonged to a hs group. in oh you have to either
test, have a teacher sign that your child is progressing to the best of
their ability, or some other thing that is agreed upon by the super and the
parent. in our group there were several teachers who would sign these
papers. some were strict and wanted paper work and others had group meetings
where they (parents and children) talked about what they did the previous
year and what they may want to work on in the future.
maybe if you look you will find something like this where you live.
we now live in indiana where the law is that you have to take attendance
(gosh where did i lose that kid this time?) and provide a list of curriculum
if asked by the state super for INFORMATIONAL purposes only.

Elizabeth Roberts

Sarah was in a play last year. She played a duck in
The Frog Prince, put on by the Missoula Children's
Theatre. She even had three "quacking" lines (LOL

I found a local children's theatre, and it turns out
the class starts TOMORROW!! They still have openings,
so she will be able to join in! She is guaranteed a
spot in the January production (The Music Man),
although she'll audition the same as anyone else.

I'm SO excited for her!! I think this will definitely
help her to settle in and settle down.

Elizabeth, NYC

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