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I have received a large number of requests for what y'all can do to help Ren
and others that got caught up in Ivan's path:

I spoke with Ren again this morning. She and her family are fine. Hardly any
damage to their house and stuff---except for a massive amount of trash and
debris in the yard. Phone works, but no power still---and maybe not for a
while. They're making do and are happy to be safe and to have a house to come home

Her family is not in need, but they are busy helping others.

Downed trees are the biggest problem. There are no chainsaws available for
sale (as would be expected! They're sold before they even get to the stores!).
If anyone has a chainsaw you're willing to send down via UPS, Ren says that
would be wonderful. She'll UPS it back as soon as things are cleaned up.

Although she was lucky, there are many others not-so-lucky. Another
unschooling family is having a VERY rough go. Bankruptcy earlier this year. He lost
his job. Their house was ruined---still has a huge tree splitting it in half.
They couldn't afford to leave, so they had to stay in the house. The tree
fell WHILE THEY WERE HOME during Ivan! They're physically fine, but everything's

Ren's asking for monetary help for this family. If you are able to share
with them, please send a check to Ren---she'll get it to this family.

Another family of homeschoolers was hit---but not as bad as the first
family. Ren will do what she can for both.

She says thanks for all the good wishes and for whatever help you can afford
to send. She's overwhelmed with your concern and generosity!

Her address:
Ren Allen
5210 Spring Hill Rd
Pensacola, FL 32503


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