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I can remember some things irritatingly well and others leave me almost
instantly. I can never find my keys, shoes, measuring spoons or car in
any parking lot. I sometimes get all the way to the post office before
I realize I didn't bring the mail with me. I read when I was four
years old and I can still recite "The Raven" which I memorized in third
grade. I know how many strips of fabric are in every rug I ever made.
Not everyone fits neatly in the zone most of society would like us to
believe is "normal." My feeling is "normal" is much bigger than most
people ever consider and if we could relax everyone would be better off.
If her friends are hurting her feelings with their comments maybe she
can think about the things she does well and maybe you could tell them to
zip it.

Deb L<<<<

I love this woman! Have I said that often enough? <BWG>


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