Joni Zander

We store them in those Iris rolling drawer carts - we have all of our
supplies in two 7 - drawer carts (oh, and one or two of the bookshelves
next to them for art paper and a nearby triple cupboard - okay, I used
to have an entire storage room full of drawers and shelves plus the
shelves we used in our "school room" (mess room), so I've really
whittled it down!!)

I don't have a toddler, so that isn't an issue with us - but with the
rolling carts, you could either turn them around or roll them into a

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On Sep 10, 2004, at 9:53 PM, [email protected]

> Where do you store art supplies (or science kits or
> whatever) so they are easy to reach (but not for a
> toddler) and in plain view without being messy?

Beth Jesch

We use a hardware storage box for the little things like, beads, foam
cutouts, paperclips, rocks, stickers, bells, wire, plastic lacing,
googly eyes.... It's one of those that has about 40 drawers of
different sizes. They have smaller and larger units (20-70 drawers)
if you need more drawers, but I would suggest getting one that has
small, med and large drawers in the unit so you have a bigger variety
of storage options.


Shannon Rizzo

I have our art supplies stored in two places. Inside, I have a big Ikea
unit that has 25 cubbies ( In here
I have most of our art stuff: each girls' handiwork baskets (knitting,
weaving), their scrapbook baskets, play dough, unfinished projects, pencils,
crayons, markers, colored paper, coloring books, stamps, watercolor stuff,
felt, pipe cleaners.

In the garage, I have a big round kid table and on shelves nearby, 6
bankers' boxes filled with messy art goodies. Paint (dry, tempura, finger,
fabric, do-a-dot), clay, glue, paint stamp things, things to glue (yarn,
buttons, etc.). Basically anything that would ruin the carpet is out here.

Having two areas for the art has been great for us. It is helpful in our
family to have enough space so that the kids can play together or spread out
when they feel the need.