Penn Acres

For years I made my kids eat vegetables. .For years we grew our own and basically had to live of of the garden and meat we produced. The kids liked a lot of it.Hated some of it.
I felt I had to have a few kinds of veggies with every meal. My kids are in their 40,s.
We are raising our great grand daughters. They disliked most vegetables until this last year or so.
I used to make a fuss about that.
We started unschooling-I listened to people talk about not controlling what your kids eat. I slowed down and thought about it and a ton of other pre conceived ideas I had.
They love fruit-I love fruit. Fruits in variety have about everything we need that vegetables have.
I buy a lot more fruit-I spend lots of money on fruit. It is always available.
They can have all they want every day-unless of course we have run out and I we havnt gone to town to shop.
We talk about what is in season-I show them how to pick out the best fruit-we look at what is on sale.-they don't like salads-they said they don't eat leaves. fine-I dont like salads much -we buy canned fruit if thats all that is available .I thought about the veggie thing lately. They love a vegetable soup I finally got really good at making. We drink a lot of canned tomato juice-buy cases of it when it is on for a decent price. Stephanie came home from a friends last month and asked if we could buy this kind of corn that wasnt whole pieces ( creamed) -she was tickled pink when I bought a case of it. (she has forgotten how she hated it a few years ago when it routinely appeared on the table
I make creamed carrots from the garden-they can have it if they like-no one mentions it-usually they choose it.
Food-complicated subject sometimes-its getting better...

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