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Hi all,

I went on a homeschooling cruise many years ago that Rob and Cindy Shearer
kind of hosted or ran. It was back in the days that I didn't know that there
were so many types of homeschoolers. I guess I never gave it much thought that
hs'ing could look so different in homes across this country. Well,....... we
got there and immediately knew we were different when they scheduled "mass"
or "service" or whatever they called it. Went to dinner (very formal) that
night and lo and behold... Rob and Cindy at my table. Hmmmm.... a UU at a
table with the head honchos.

The cruise was a week long and I went to most of the discussions and classes
and learned a lot. For the first time in my life I discovered that folks use
the bible in their teaching and make their kids sit down with text books and
workbooks. I chuckle when I think of myself in that grand hall timidly raising
my hand and shouting out that I was amazed that they used the bible and I had
never thought of it as a historical document. I've always internally
classified it as historical fiction.

My son had a great time. I learned a lot about people, didn't make any
lasting friendships but was invited to South America to work with a missionary
family for a summer. (What an interesting mix that would have made,
fundamentalist and an agnostic) My hubby spent almost the entire week in the infirmary on
IV's he was so sick.

How about Costa Rica for a get together? I'll skip another cruise!


PS Rain, rain.... go away! Thanks again Sandra for your hospitality
this summer!

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