diana jenner

I came into the living room when Hayden, 6, had a stack of papers (oh 300 or
so sheets of scrap printer paper) in front of the fan and a HUGE grin on his
face. I *had* to grin back (though the voices in my head were loud,
insisting I interrogate him) and that grin gave me this:
H: I spilled my pop and I cleaned it all up and now I'm gonna dry these
He proceeded to turn the fan on at various speeds, gleeful as the papers
filled the air!
H: Careful mama, you might get a papercut from the flying papers!
STILL WITH THE GRIN! and not a word from me, a pure love moment, I let him
have it!

I got up this morning and ignored the papers all over the ding dang house...
no I didn't, I silently grumbled about them... THEN I remembered my boy's
shining face last night :) Picking up every paper encouraged me to relive
every drop of joy he felt watching them sail thru the air. Now they're all
neatly stacked, a bit more brown than yesterday, completely ready for the
next project they're called upon for... and my heart is filled with joy!

~diana :)

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