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generally aren't as into reparenting themselves as women might be, or into
being analytical about what they could have used as children. So while I
reparenting myself, I tried to remember to pass some of that on to Keith. I
would just touch him gently sometimes as I passed, kiss him on the head and
"thanks" while he was paying bills, bring him a drink or a snack where he was
working in the garage or the yard or watching a movie by himself--same kinds
of things I would do for the kids, I started trying to do for him. It was
nice. I didn't TELL him "I know there's a hurt little boy inside you." I
started mothering him a little bit too, and what happened was the manly
outsides got softer and sweeter.

Just had to pop out of lurkdom to thank you, Sandra, for this! What a novel
idea (for me). I'll bet this will be much more effective (and help our
relationship AND model love and kindness) than what I currently do *smile*


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