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>I'm not really extroverted but I do like to get out
>much more than my boys I read your post I got to thinking...I
>think I need to be extra careful that I'm accepting of their desire
>to not leave the house a whole lot. I certainly don't want to make
>them feel bad about it.

Me too! This is a good point and something I hadn't considered. Wow. I am
Ms. Busybody and love getting out to chat with other Moms, shop, etc.
Almost *every* morning we go out, there is a struggle because my son
*never* wants to go anywhere. (Well, occasionally he wants to go if it's
somewhere we've been before and he's really excited about it, like a local
indoor play place he loves.) I always figured he was just "in the zone" of
playing in the house and once we got to our destination he'd be happy. I
guess I need to start understanding that he may really prefer to stay home...

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."
-- William Butler Yeats

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