Brenda Rose

Laura wrote

>Were you lookin over my shoulder last night, or what?

Just guessing cuz we've done the trip so much! I wondered about an
alternate route home! Maybe through Atlanta? I think there's some good
museums there but not sure, never been.

I forgot about Harper's Ferry. Definitely recommend it.

While in DC area maybe at least drive up on the grounds of Arlington House
(called Custis-Lee Mansion from 1955 to 1972 - no wonder I still call it
that!), even if you don't take the house tour. It's at the VA end of the
Memorial Bridge, which ends at the Lincoln Memorial (try to get in there -
Lincoln is so impressive, and some of his speeches are engraved on the
wall). Arlington House was Robert E. Lee's home by marriage, confiscated
during the war and not returned until after his death. So he agreed to
move to Lexington to be President of then Washington College, now W&L
University. I've always found the George Washington - Custis family - Lee
family connections interesting. Just more to fill your time!