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<< When they were younger and just getting there, I bought them deoderant, and
put deoderant soup in their showers..... >>
<<My oldest is a pretty picky eater and I don't think deodorant soup would go
over well....Plus, wouldn't it be hard to eat in the shower? <BWG>>>

Deoderant soup...

But if there WERE a food that would keep teenaged boys smelling like manly
roses... one thing teenaged boys WILL do is eat!!

Mine will eat AND shower. <g>
Not at the same time, though, you're right.

Typos are fun and scary. Once before I left for the weekend I sent a post
to a little homeschooling list I was that had eight or nine women and one man.
I referred to him as "our lone male member" and left for three days.

I got back to a REALLY full mailbox of monkey-hooting and one-liners, because
I had accidentally called him "our long male member."