Here are 3 stories from kids who have unrestricted television viewing and unlimited access to books. They dictate and I type. So the spelling is mine but everything else is theirs.

The Man Who Was Cursed by Jacob 8 years

Once upon a time there was a man who was cursed by an old gypsy. He turned into a dragon and he lived on top of a volcano. He went to find the gypsy, when he found the gypsy he would threaten it to try and get him to undo the curse. It was long journey to the gypsy's house in South America. He came across alligators, gorillas, lions, sharks. When he reached South America he found the gypsy was not there. The dragon thought he would never undo the curse. But then suddenly the door opened. The gypsy standed in the doorway. The dragon was angry. He walked over to the gypsy, smoke coming out of his nose, his eyes as red as rubies. He whacked the gypsy into the wall with his tail and used the smoke coming out of his nose to spell "UNDO THE CURSE". But unfortunately the gypsy could not undo it. The gypsy staggering towards the couch, nose bleeding. Then the dragon got so angry he bellowed flame through a gap in the ceiling. The gypsy put his hands over his face. The dragon laughed a high-pitched cackle. The gypsy gripped his face so hard it felt like it would burst. The dragon laughed and shot out a big cloud of smoke and at last the gypsy uncursed him.

Love's Not Included By Mia Sophy 5 years

Once there was a princess in a tower. And she was trapped and she was waiting for her true love outside but the true love wasn't going to come but she waited and she waited for night and day but her true love didn't come. She was getting hungry so she went inside and got herself some chippies and then she felled asleep. And when she was inside her true love comed but the true love thought she didn't love him because she wasn't waiting outside, she was sleeping. He decided to go. Then when she woke up she remembered about her true love and she thought, "Silly me." Then she decided to wait out there all night and all day but the prince didn't come again because he thought that she didn't love her true love. So the prince never comed. She waited there for all her life. But the true love never comed.

The Phantom Menace by Jesse 10 years

They call him the phantom menace. Since he has been under the bed and shadows so long he has bottle green skin and you can see white streaks all over him because they're scars because he sometimes slips and cracks himself. He has scabby arms and legs. he has a moth eaten cowboy hat that's way too big for him. But that's good, so he can hide his face so that no one can see who he really is. It's got a little tattered on the brim and the folded up side because moths and cooties and stuff eat it. He comes out to steal people's treasured possessions but only when their backs are turned and every 150 years he takes a person under the bed to eat them because he's a carnivore. No one has ever seen his face only those who die because he has to take off his cowboy hat to eat them and when he looks at them he petrifies them. He was a cannibal right from the start when he was born.


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Robyn Coburn

<<<Here are 3 stories from kids who have unrestricted television viewing
and unlimited access to books. They dictate and I type. So the spelling is
mine but everything else is theirs.>>>

<<<<The Man Who Was Cursed by Jacob 8 years>>>

Fantastic visual imagery in the descriptions. Really quite visceral.

<<<Love's Not Included By Mia Sophy 5 years>>>>

This is the saddest story I ever heard. It has the universal resonance of a
parable or great myth.

<<<The Phantom Menace by Jesse 10 years>>>>

Here is a character I'd like to hear more of. Again wonderful descriptive
images in a more vernacular style. The last line particularly has me
wondering about the P.M.'s whole life.

Thanks for sharing them.

Robyn L. Coburn

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