Lee Roversi

>(We rarely even know when school will start anymore as it's such a
non-issue at our house.)

I wish we never knew, but my kids (especially my youngest, Bay) know
because it means the mass-exodus of all the teens who have been hanging
around our house/farm all summer! And, they become increasingly more
difficult to get together with because of the all-encompassing school
monster which holds them captive from early morning until early evening and
then we only get to see them on weekends! Sigh.

We have virtually no unschooled (or homeschooled, for the matter!) teens in
our community. . . several younger ones, but only two teenage friends for
my youngest son and none for my older two! Boo hoo.

The only silver lining in this cloud is that the beaches are empty! - my
teens get all the waves!

Love, Lee
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