jennefer harper

>>>chewing some anti-decay gum<<<

More info on this would be appreciated.

I had a student dentist hype me up on gum that had
sorbitol in it, claiming sorbitol 'did not cause
cavities- it helped fight them!'
Well! I went out and bought a heap of gum that had
sorbitol in it(Orbit is one brand). I also bought
some Kid's Trident. After all, it had a smiling tooth
on it! I gave some to my 2 1/2 year old who *hated*
brushing his teeth and thought great, this will help!
I warned him that gum was for chewing only, and not
eating. He swallowed it after 3 seconds and I told
him that now it was going to have to come out of his
butthole. That *freaked* him out. OK, maybe I
shouldn't have mentioned it. I then explained that
gum was not for swallowing and when he was done to put
it in the garbage. (I don't think it's good for his
digestive system). He practiced this alot; opening a
piece of gum, putting it in his mouth for 3 seconds
then putting it in the garbage. Over and over. I
don't think he even bothered chewing it.

Anyhow, to make a long story longer, I had a severe
hive allergic reaction that I am certain was due to
the sorbitol in the gum. It is just another
artificial sweetener, after all even though it does
come from a fruit. There are no super anti-cavity
powers in it, in my opinion. What helps in chewing
gum is all the extra saliva that gets created. That
helps to flush and loosen the bacteria in the mouth.
I would recommend buying some natural chewing gum
rather than gum with artificial sweeteners- especially
sorbitol because you swallow alot of it.

I came across sorbitol again when I was researching
vaccine ingredients recently. Interestingly enough,
it is found in several vaccines including Attenuvax
(measles), Biavax (rubella), MMR
(measles-mumps-rubella), M-R-Vax (measles-rubella),
Meruvax 1 (mumps), Orimune (oral polio) and YF-Vax
(yellow fever).

If you google search sorbitol you can find several
sites that go into detail of various uses for sorbitol
and the various allergic reactions.


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On Aug 20, 2004, at 6:08 PM, jennefer harper wrote:

> [I had a student dentist hype me up on gum that had
> sorbitol in it, claiming sorbitol 'did not cause
> cavities- it helped fight them!']

I've heard that *xylitol* does that but not sorbitol.

Xylitol (talks about inhibiting the growth
of bacteria)


You can google those words and come up with lots of stuff if you want
to read more.