Danielle Conger

I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for gameboy games for a
4 year old. Sam is quite adept at computer games like Imaginext,
Zoombinis, Scooby-Doo.

He often has a really hard time doing things and going places that the
girls really enjoy, and I'm trying to come up with strategies. He would
prefer to be home playing his computer games, so I was thinking a
gameboy might be a good solution. Other things/ distractions haven't
been successful, and I find I'm mostly wrestling him, which is
exhausting. Meaning I'm usually his jungle gym, letting him climb from
shoulders to my hip, jump, somersault up my legs, etc. or taking him out
for walks in which case I miss much of whatever it is we're doing.
Leaving him home isn't really an option either because 1) he doesn't
like being with other people and 2) we don't really know anyone who
could keep him during the day even if I would leave him. The girls have
always liked museums and other kinds of stuff, even at early ages; Sam
runs hot/cold with short bursts of attention. I'd rather not stop doing
these kinds of things--being a human jungle gym is still preferable to that.

I'm also open to other suggestions. I gave my Sears' sling away a couple
years ago, but I was toying with the idea of picking up another one at a
second hand store. Sam doesn't much like to be confined, but it might
make the constant holding/ putting down easier on me, and it's not all
that bulky to carry when he's not interested. I remember using it quite
often when Em was older as a piggyback carrier. Other thoughts?