velvet jiang

For me, I don't let my 3 year old watch
> > stuff that I know has violence in it or stuff that is
> > sexually explicit.

we do not restrict tv viewing for my dd. (can't remember if i ever watched
tv when she was less than 2 because i think i was to busy)
my daughter will regulate herself on what she can see and what she can't. if
something is violent she will cover her eyes and say turn it off i can't
watch this.
my dh was always worried about sex on tv. i remember one time when during a
movie you could tell a couple was having sex even though you couldn't see
anything and my daughter said "what are they doing?" i said "having sex" and
she said "oh, i didn't know you could do that when your not married." my dh
was so uncomfortable but my dd didn't think it was a big deal.
so for our family the tv restriction would be more for my dh's benefit of
not answering questions that make him uncomfortable than for my dd sake.
this opened up a lot of conversation for us that may have never been
discussed if she felt it was an off limits topic.