Ali Kat

*********I don't think a child is likely to choose something horribly
anyway. Mine prefer comedy and music and cartoons.

There is false peace and real peace. Contentment in a noisy house is
to peace than the sound and appearance of peace when the mom is
negative and
the child is controlled.


LOL... for us it is the opposite. I prefer the cartoons and funny silly stuff, while Bekka (almost 8) prefers CSI, anything with aliens, etc... I used to try to tell her "no" because she would get nightmares (from the alien/monster stuff) but that just seemed to intensify her curiosity and demand. There was one time (before I came to unschooling) that I finally said "Fine. I used to tell you 'no' because you do get nightmares sometimes, but if you really want to watch it then we will." Now that I let her, she watches less of the scary stuff - or at least is quite choosy and discusses it in great detail. She is still into crime stuff and anything medical - and we talk about it alot. I think there's also a part of her that likes to watch mom squirm (I have developed a queasy stomach in the past few years!)

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