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You'd probably like Clinton's autobiography then. Reviewers who
misunderstood or disliked his approach were criticizing him for spending
so much time on his formative years and then cramming 5 different major
events that occurred while he was president onto one page. He supposedly
did that on purpose so that readers would get a sense of how much
pressure there is and how quickly things move when you are president.

Two in recent years I really liked were Kenneth Branagh's (read it all) and
the Dalai Lama's (read half). Another thing I did with biographical need
before the internet had all KINDS of bio stuff was to read juvenile bios. Not
only do they concentrate on childhood stuff, but they have photos. There's a bio
of Tolkien with lots of photos. Of course after the movies were made and
DVDs are out, Tolkien bio stuff litters the ground. But the adult-aimed book I
read (part of) was dense text, blah blah blah, while the one aimed at kids was
sweeter and left better images.

Harry Belafonte's account of being a kid was shortish but very different from
anything I'd ever read, heard or imagined of anyone's life.

Now I tend to read several websites and have done.


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