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> It's romantic to think of a happy child who loves her life being presented
with the idea that she chose the parents she did. But it's short sighted not
> to take into account the effect on children who are leading rotten lives.
> Learning something from a bad experience doesn't justify the bad
experience or the existence of bad experiences. There are far too many
people suffering
> through bad experiences who will end up damaged and pass that damage on to
others to suggest that because good can come from bad, that there must be a
> good reason for bad.
> Joyce
It *is* romantic and sweet... my daughter announced to me at 2 that she had
chosen me and her newly-born brother had chosen their dad, a huge fairy tale
about "remembering before I was Hannah." Even with the craziness of our
lives, she often comes to me and tells me she's so glad she picked me ~ & I
am too!
This is hitting home right now for me... My sister's kid has a pretty
pitiful life, I hate to think she's chosen it, but I'm reassured that maybe
the choice was made less ugly with the opportunity to hang out with me and
my kids and temper her icky surroundings, if only for a week at a time (a
chance she would miss if my sister was actually a parent or if the kid had
chosen someone else). She's 2.5 and I just think: dang! that girl must have
a *really* good reason for being here, I'll do what I can...
Just my $.02 :) diana