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Don't you just read things/ideas sometimes and they just totally RESONATE
with you?

Yes, but I think people will attach other-worldly values to things that have
to do with human minds and biochemistry. Dreams aren't messages from God or
devils. Being in love isn't a conscious decision people make, it's a
biochemical change that has to do with mating and nesting and reproduction, and it
DOES fade (but can be replaced with another kind of devotion and love). Recent
studies have found the part ofthe brain where "religious experiences" are. The
feeling of connectedness to everyone has a spot in the brain where certain
changes can take place in connection with religious experiences. It's like an
orgasm of sorts. And people have explained them in similar ways for centuries
(or longer).

I've seen water mirages in the desert. It's not real water but it sure looks
like it.
I've had deja vu. It doesn't mean the thing actually happened before. It's
like a brain-mirage.

Marty is the only one in our family who's ever really had an interest in the
Civil War. Keith never much cared. I never did. Kirby and Holly didn't spark
to it. I'm interested in Marty's interest and we've found details and trivia
for each other. It doesn't prove that Marty's is a reincarnated Civil War
participant/victim/witness. It's just an interest. It might peter out soon,
or he might be a scholar or a moviemaker or novelist or he might just have
that interest all his life. The model of the universe in his head will have
more civil war detail than some folks', and less than others.

But it's a way he makes connections, and what has inspired his curiosity.

There's no benefit to making it bigger than it is.


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