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If I do choose to say, or do something to this mom, she will either choose to
blow me off, or choose to let what I say/do sink it and consider it. This
will depend on where she is mentally/emotionally/spiritually, etc. This is what I
meant when I said she is doing what she is to her child (spanking) because
she is "where she is", meaning in her own awareness...she only knows what she
chooses to know now, until she decides to become more open and consider other

It might not change the mom's actions at all,
but it could change the child's awareness of the world
and give her the idea that other adults don't agree, that there are other
ways, and that some adults are more courageous than his mother.

-=- In the spiritual realm, things are not perceived as "good", "bad",
"right" or "wrong", -=-

Not according to the Hindu view of reincarnation. They have definite ideas
about beter and worse.

-=-It is a human attribute that we think. . .-=-

We are humans and we should act like it.
Any religion or philosophy could be wrong, but in any case, we're human.

-=-...including beliefs, issues and strengths you carry within you from
previous lives.

Let's limit this list to what people will do with their children to create a
great learning environment regardless of baggage from past lives or fear of
eternity. Otherwise we'll be wasting too many people's time and energy.

We have children now.
Were interested in unschooling now.

If someone's religion doesn't allow for unschooling, then they can't
unschool. That's fine. Most people can't for one reason or another.

For those who can, I'm betting this list will continue to be a good source of
ideas and analysis.


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