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Tara and Sierra both asked me to promise that I would never ever trade with
any other mom no matter how much money they offered me. <BG>


That show is just scary. $50,000 is not worth what it appears those
families are going through.


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When my 19-yo daughter Tammi first saw the show she said, "Is that
show supposed to make you appreciate the mom you have by giving you
one who doesn't do anything with you or take you anywhere?" <g>

I haven't seen the show but my daughter told me that one mom was
blow drying her hair and the fuse kept blowing, so instead of using
a different plug, she made the kid stand in a closet where the fuse
box was so he could turn the circuit back on when it blew and she
could finish her hair! What's even sadder is that the kid did as he
was told. My kids wouldn't have done it.