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Please talk it up! It seems like all the list I'm on with large
groups of Christian homeschoolers have post after post about their
conferences and the moderators don't seem to mind. They talk at
length about the speakers, last year's conference, where to meet each
other and there are lots of tips (don't bring the kids, don't buy
anything the first day but spend like crazy on the last).

At this one, DODODO bring the kids!

Bring raffle donations the first day.

And buy raffle tickets all weekend! <g>

>>>>>Unschooling conferences are like some secret get-together. No one
talks about them much on the lists I'm on except to speculate why one
has stopped. <<<<

Really? I thought L&L got a good bit of air-time---although there could
ALWAYS be more! <g>

>>>> So let everyone know howmuch you loved the last
conference you went to and why.<<<

Oh, please do! Makes me feel all warm inside! <g>

>>>>Unschoolers often say that they don't "need" conferences but it's not
about need- it's about fun and learning and getting together and
laughing and late night discussions. We can all *use* those things
even if we don't need any actual unschooling support.<<<<

Well, I'd agree that unschoolers DON'T need regular HOMEschooling
conferences/conventions. They don't give me anything I'm looking for. The Live and
Learn UNschooling Conference is something all together different! You get more of
a feeling of "tribe"----hundreds of like-minded souls. Incredible!

>>>>>You know how energized you feel after going to an unschooling park
day, talking to people who understand you and watching your kids play
with other children raised in freedom? It's like that only 100 times
And 100 times better than THAT!

Y'all COME!


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