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Unless the moderators have asked you to be very, very quiet about the
Live and Learn Conference coming up, I would urge you NOT to hide your
light under a bushel barrel. Talk it up here some more!

(Taking the minutiae off list makes sense to me, but c'mon, let's have
some more noise.)

I realize that Sales and Marketing are sometimes considered "vulgar",
but you are "selling" an unschooling conference to the unschooled.
Seems appropriate for this list.


And Betsy isn't even coming!!!!

~Are you?


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Elizabeth Hill

** And Betsy isn't even coming!!!!

~Are you?**

No -- I'm a travel wimp. I have a kid who often has asthma attacks when
we travel, and I've ended up taking most of my vacations close to home
out of sheer nervousness (and cheapness).

But I want to enjoy the conference vicariously. That's fun in a minor way.