Shana Ronayne Hickman

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Live Free Learn Free is a print magazine for relaxed homeschoolers
and unschoolers in which to share ideas, stories, and experiences.
All material is written by those who home educate - both parents and
children. It is an inclusive magazine, not only for and by
experienced homeschoolers, but also for and by those just starting
down the path. It embraces those who are radical in their
unschooling methods and those who are less so.

We are looking for parents and children involved in home education
to contribute material to the magazine. Live Free Learn Free strives
to bring home educating families together by publishing articles,
stories, poems, letters, reviews, and other items written by
home/unschooling parents and children.

We prefer contributions written in the first- or third-person (I/we
or she/he/they) to those written in the second-person (you).
Submissions focused on the readers' own experiences most closely
reflect the spirit of the magazine. There is no requirement for
word length. Simply say what you have to say.

We'd like to receive, on an ongoing basis, articles or letters about
what works (or doesn't work) for you as home educators: lifestyle
choices (such as bedtimes, chores, meals, etc.), curriculum/non-
curriculum choices, resource reviews, etc., as well as glimpses into
the days and ways of an unschooling family. This is a recurring
section of the magazine. Tell us what it means to you to be an
unschooler. What obstacles have you encountered? What advantages
have you discovered? This area of the magazine has a very broad
focus, so tell us what's on your mind! For those who need a bit more
inspiration, here are a few topics we'd like to cover in upcoming

Unschooling the special needs child
Rural unschooling
Support groups
Late readers
Role of technology
Activism and unschooling
Math anxiety
When kids want to try school
Unschooling teens
Using community college
Traveling and unschooling
Single parents unschooling
Unschooling large families
Using the community
Unschooling shy children
Jobs/work for kids
Relinquishing "control"
Unschooling the only child
Labels (ADHD, LD, Etc.)
When spouses disagree about unschooling
Unschooling on the cheap
Both parents working
When they want to try school
Dealing with criticisms of unschooling
Deschooling for parents
Reporting to school authorities
Everyday math/science/language/art/etc.

Submissions may be sent to folkypoet@....

The first issue has been printed and is being readied for mailing.
To learn more about the magazine, to subscribe, or to find detailed
information about submission procedures or ad rates, please visit
our website at

Shana Ronayne Hickman