Ali Kat

*****On the other hand making a move, just getting settled and then bang, Making another big move might be more difficult than only one slightly bigger disruption. I don't know - tough stuff. ****

Yes� I go round and round on this, and I have no clue exactly what to do. I don�t think I should stay much longer though � not unless mom makes some major changes. I have read the empowerment certif., though doing so again may be a good idea. *sigh* this is such a pain, and it�s pretty much my own darn fault!

I have 2 sisters and a brother. My brother is in Texas. He had come up to help with the house, tore it apart to help remodel � fixed it halfway and left without coming back to finish (3 � years ago�) My one sister is in no emotional/mental state to help � she�s �taking care� of her boyfriend � which is a whole other story. The other sister I referred to has just recently started to help with watching Bekka. It is still hard to get her to help any with mom, as she pretty much figures mom has made her bed and should lie in it. I am not far in reaching that point it seems now� Marissa (my sister that�s helping) has only recently become more trustworthy. Marissa is more respectful of me and treats me and my daughter better than she had before. My family has ISSUES� lol� but I�m sure most of you are not strangers to a lot of that. Sometimes I feel like the only one with my head screwed on straight and even then that�s a pretty big assertion on my part.

*******It could have just been the pink.******

LOL� yes, she claims it is the pink AND that she wasn�t asked which color she wanted. *sigh* live and learn� and apologize� lol I realize she and I have different opinions of what is hideous and lovely� lol I can�t even begin to explain how freeing it feels to allow my daughter to have her opinions and realize that neither hers nor my opinion is absolutely �wrong�� (also very convicting to realize that just because I didn�t say with words �because I said so� like my parents did doesn�t mean I didn�t say it action� YIKES!)

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